2021 Cross Country Championship
Adult Overall Series

* Preliminary UNOFFICIAL Points For Reference Only
* Subject to change based on seven day protest period and updates
* Throw Away and Work Points are not included in preliminary calculations
* Riders with more than one plate number have not been adjusted
* 51% of events must be completed to qualify

  • Rnd-1 SHaston Ranch HS
  • Rnd-2 Fast Times HS
  • Rnd-3 Picacho Creek HS
  • Rnd-4 MMX Euro HS
  • Rnd-5 Lazy Bumb HS
  • Rnd-6 Phantom HS
  • Rnd-7 Old Crow HS
  • Rnd-8 Burrows Ranch HS
  • Rnd-9 Shasta Dam GP
  • Rnd-10 Fort Sage HS
  • Rnd-11 MMX Euro HS
  • Rnd-12 Tough Cowboy HS
  • Rnd-13 Lilliputian HS
  • Rnd-14 Blue Mountain HS
  • Rnd-15 Wilseyville HS